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Cleanroom Consulting - Product Information:

When your project begins, you may require the help of a consultant on such critical factors as site selection, scheduling, and construction issues. Whether your cleanroom is a stand-alone facility, or included as part of a much larger project, it is important to consider the special requirements for cleanrooms and technical facilities as early in the project as possible. PETI provides critical support and/or guidance in these cases.

PETI provides consulting services based on extensive in-field experience. We can participate as members of your decision-making team, or provide independent consulting services, according to your specific needs. Our knowledge of building codes and OSHA, ANSI and other standards, along with our experience in the design and construction of cleanrooms and technical facilities makes us uniquely qualified to guide you in the development of your project.

Cost is a fundamental consideration of cleanrooms owners and developers. Whether the project involves the designing and building of a new cleanroom from the ground up, renovating an existing cleanroom, or simply installing furniture, PETI is keenly aware of the value of an accurate estimate early in the project timeline. PETI maintains an extensive database of costs and other factors that affect construction cost. This, combined with the breadth of our experience in cleanroom design and construction, enables PETI to deliver an accurate conceptual estimate based on minimal design criteria or blueprints. The PETI Design & Management team provides up-to-date costs, and works in conjunction with the Project Management team to assure that the full project cost is accurately projected and that every opportunity is taken to enhance the value you obtain from your laboratory investment.