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Building Management Systems - Product Information:

building management system

PETI's installed building management systems easily and efficiently manage your building and provide unprecendented levels of control and responsiveness. Capable of controlling a wide array of systems, PETI's building management systems offer the flexibility and reliability necessary for any scale of application. All of PETI's building management systems are network and web capable, allowing users to monitor and control building functions from offsite with a few keystrokes. With PETI's support for wireless devices and sensors, PETI's building mangement system are capable of quick and easy expansions and upgrades with minimal cost, downtime, or modification.

PETI's comprehensive building management packages are capable of monitoring and controlling:

  • HVAC/Mechanical systems
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Security & building access
  • Surveillance
  • Life safety systems (fire alarms, gas leaks, seismic, etc.)
  • Lifts & elevators
  • Internal CO2 and CO levels
  • Lighting