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Product Information:

Pacific Environmental Technologies' Glove boxes are specially designed to simulate exacting internal atmospheric specifications, while regulating internal humidity and temperature and providing a safely contained workspace independent of ambient conditions. A special removable back-wall allows for the accomodation of oversized or large parts and assemblies. Our interchangeable, double-sealed airlocks are specifically designed to prevent contamination and allow for entry of smaller parts. The airlocks can also be repositioned to allow for left or right-hand operation. All airlocks feature a pass-through design allowing for the adjoining of several units.

  • Maintains internal atmospheric specifications
  • Removable back wall accomodates large and oversized parts and assemblies
  • Swapable airlocks allow for left or right hand operation
  • Pass-through style airlocks allow for adjoining of units
  • Optional 115 volt grounded socket provides power for task lighting and tools

All our glove boxes are made from 1/4in. opaque acrylic for the rear, bottom, and sides to diffuse ambient lighting and provide more even internal illumination. The front is constructed from 1/4in. polished clear acrylic sloped at a 45deg angle to provide a seamless uninterrupted view of the work surface. Oversized, elliptical armports with extra-wide flanges enhance user comfort and come equipped with sleeves only.

  • 1/4in. acrylic, polycarbonate, or PVC -- other thicknesses available
  • Available in clear and amber
  • ESD models feature static-dissipative PVC construction
  • Sloped front provides seamless, uninterrupted view of the work surface
  • Oversized, elliptical arm ports with extra-wide flanges enhance user comfort

Product Options:

Nitrogen Purging System:

Optional Pure Purge nitrogen purging system provides fully automated control over internal humidity levels, maintaining relative humidity to a tolerance of within 3%. Measurements of the internal atmosphere are taken via a fast-response capacitive probe measuring humidity over the entire humidity range (0-100% humidity). Integrated alarm system notifies the operator of any change in preset internal conditions, which include:

glove box glove box glove box
    Included alarms:
  • N2 low supply
  • High internal pressure
  • Pressure drop
  • Door-open

Optional internal pressure relief valve bleeds excess internal pressure, dramatically prolonging the life of door seals and gaskets. Highly recommended.

Nitrogen flow meter precisely displays the volume of nitrogen flow to any cabinet or box. Standard 1/8in NPT fits all our cabinets and boxes.

Sleeves and Gloves:

Our glove boxes come standard-equipped with sleeves only, however, we offer durable gloves and sleeve/glove combos in a wide range of sizes, lengths, materials, and colors capable of fitting both round and elliptical arm ports:

  • Hand sizes ranging from 7-10 at 1/2 increments
  • Lengths from 20-30in.
  • Neoprene, latex, polyurethane, butyl, hypalon, and natural rubber
  • Available in white, blue, black, yellow, and natural rubber colors

glove-box Work tables:

Custom-built, square steel tube frame tables with optional locking casters are a perfect fit for your glove box. All tables are a standard 30in. high (custom dimensions welcome) and feature a white powder-coated finish. Both conductive and non-conductive varieties available.

  • Steel square-tube frame for strength and durability
  • Optional non-marring, locking casters
  • Scratch resistant white powder-coat finish
  • Available in both conductive (grounded, static-dissipative) and non-conductive varieties
  • Available in custom sizes and heights