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Desiccator Boxes - Product Information

desiccator box
desiccator box
desiccator box

PETI's dessicator boxes are an affordable solution to storing your moisture sensitive items. De-humidifying air using a dessicant dryer system, our dry boxes maintain humidity levels below 0.1%. With optional temperature control, our dry boxes can also regulate internal temperature to provide a warm, arid environment to preserve sensitive items, run testing, evaporate liquids, preserve foodstuffs, and package items. With optional drying racks and shelving, all items can be dried more quickly and evenly.

    Features and Options:
  • Available in both ESD (static-control) and Standard types
  • Constructed from PVC or acrylic
  • 1/4" thicknesses (other thicknesses available)
  • Chrome-plated, height-adjustable (nearest 1/2") shelf racks
  • Front/rear door design for pass-through applications
  • Latches, shelving, and hinges all grounded to grounding lug (ESD models only)
  • closed cell design provides leak-proof, airtight seal
  • Optional automatic purging system and humidity control
  • Optional pressure relief valve bleeds excess internal pressure reducing wear on gaskets and seals and prolonging lifespan