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Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers - Product Information

Steam-injection Humidifer
Ultrasonic Humidifier

Humidity control can be critical for moisture and static sensitive processes. The ability to maintain a humidity setpoint requires both humidification and de-humidification systems. PETI designs systems capable of regulating external air humidity, and maintaining internal humidity.


PETI offers 2 types of humidifiers suitable for humidifying dry air: steam-injection and ultrasonic. PETI's steam injection systems use a traditional tankless boiler to create a warm steam mist that is injected directly into an airstream on demand by means of a hygrostat. Our steam injection systems are capable of handling a range of air flow volumes and humidities.

Our ultrasonic humidifiers use filtered, distilled water to create pure microdroplets injected directly into room air or into an air stream. Water on the surface of a peizo-electric ultrasonic vibrating membrane is unable to match the oscillatory frequency of the membrane because of its mass inertia. Thus, a momentary vacuum is created on the negative oscillation, cavitating surrounding water into vapor. On the positive oscillation, a high-pressure front is created, and because water is incompressible, the momentum of the front is conserved and the water vapor (being lighter than the water) is ejected off the membrane where it is then collected and injected into the room air or air stream. This method creates a very fine mist (less than 10 micron droplets) which are quickly absorbed and distributed throughout the air. However, since the water is not boiled, any impurities in the water (mineral deposits, microorganisms) are carried into the air. This method also has the added benefits of silence and very low power consumption.


For environments that require a level of humidity relatively lower than the average external air humidity, PETI offers serveral whole-building and room specific de-humidification solutions.

PETI carries both in-duct and stand-alone peltier driven dehumidifiers that cool air the airstream to dewpoint, thus collecting, removing, and draining the water out of the airstream resulting in cool, dry air. PETI also offers traditional condenser/evaporator combinations, available in both inline and externally mounted evaporator configurations. A duct-mounted condenser cools an airstream to the dewpoint, thus collecting, removing, and draining water. When the evaporator is mounted inline with the condensor, the dried air is then rewarmed as it passes accross the evaporator, resulting in a warm, dry air. Cycling is controlled by a programmable hygrostat that monitors air humidity, with an optional manual override.

Product Options

    Humidifier Options:
  • Remote monitoring & programmability via internet
  • In-duct or stand-alone
  • Automated Temperature Control

    De-humidifier Options:
  • Remote monitoring & programmability via internet
  • Steam-injection or Ultra-sonic
  • Automated Temperature Control (steam-injection units only)